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Cape Town based Orthotics and Prosthetics Practice 

We boast an exceptional range of skill sets from our highly experienced professionals, providing orthotics and prosthetics for every kind of amputee, sports injuries, clinical bracing as well as neuro bracing and rehabilitation.

At Chin & Partners we aim to empower people by exceeding their expectations of what can be achieved, both physically and mentally.

Our carefully selected product range is tailored to the management of every kind of injury and condition. Our skilled professionals are also qualified to manufacture a range of custom made orthotics and prosthetics.

Orthotics and Prosthetics Solutions

Prosthetics for lower and upper limb amputees

Surgical and clinical bracing for traumatic injuries and theatre procedures

Custom manufactured foot Orthotics evaluated with high-end technology and extensive experience

Sports and Injury bracing for various types of injuries

Mobility and home nursing equipment for individuals with mobility impairments

Ergonomic products for the home and office

Exercise and rehabilitation products for the active individuals partaking in sports activities.

We only stock products from the world’s leading manufacturers to ensure we offer the best outcome.


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Our Branches situated in Vincent Pallotti Hospital orthopaedic unit and 302 Manhattan Place, 130 Bree Street hosts a retail store, through which we provide an array of off the shelf products catering to all injuries and rehabilitation.

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Chin & Partner Client Testimonials

  • My experience with Jayson Chin spans some 6 years. I moved to Cape Town and needed to find a new prosthetist and start the refit process. Dave Herman crafted a refit that allowed me to get moving and maintain mobility. Dave was able to put together a solution from the vast array of alternatives liners, sockets, feet, etc. that suited by a sensitive stump. I can wear my leg with pride and confidence, knowing that it was well designed, constructed and it also looks cool! Geoff Carey
  • My wife and I were involved in a horrific accident in Knysna on the 25th of September 2014. Twenty days later we were transferred to the Life Rehab centre at Vincent Pallotti Hospital in Pinelands. Here we continued with our rehabilitation process as both of us lost our legs; mine both above knee and my wife 1 above and 1 below knee. We were visited by Justin Rix and the late Dave Herman from Chin and Partners to start the shaping process of our limbs. Rodney & Maria Lakay
  • I have found Chin & partners to be extremely caring and professional since the day I was introduced to them in hospital. Jayson in particular understood my active lifestyle and made sure that all the planning,  pre-amputation, took this into account. Jayson and Justin share my passion for cycling and their willingness to help me succeed and redefine my life, makes this trying chapter of my life that much more bearable! To Justin, Jayson, Theo and Janice in particular a big thank you! Upwards and onwards! Erick Oosthuizen  
  • Most people know this saying:  Two things define you:  your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything.  When I lost my lower left leg and severely shattered my right, I didn't have time to muster patience as Jayson Chin & Associates were already on my hospital room doorstep a mere day following my accident.  It's been almost four years since our first encounter including four prosthetic's and two braces down the line.  You're my real life heroes! Helga Barkhuizen        
  • Jayson, Theo and the team have given me and continue to provide outstanding support following my through-knee amputation. They have taken on all the challenges arising from my particular needs and always put my comfort and concerns above any commercial issues which they may have had. They have many times gone out of their way and made time for me, whether to visit me while in recovery in the hospital and answer questions, or squeezing me into a busy schedule to do make quick adjustments on my prosthesis. A great service provided by great individuals. Sean Dale    
  • Amputation is one of the most unfortunate, life-changing and disfiguring possibilities of life. If you are fortunate enough to meet the team at Chin & Partners, you will soon realize that it only gets better from that point, way better! All the problems associated with limb-loss can become minimal and manageable. I am forever grateful to you guys (the whole team) for making good life possible. Ben de Jager

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