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Above Knee Amputation

Trans Femoral Above Knee Amputation

Above Knee AmputationThe Trans Femoral (TF) amputation is also known as an Above Knee Amputation where the amputation site is through the femur. In this case the longer the amputation it is generally easier to fit a socket as the lever arm is longer. The shorter the lever arm the more effort the amputee has to exert to drive the prosthesis forward. As not every amputation is planned some residual limbs will be longer than others and the surgeons do their best to keep the residual limb as long as possible.

The Trans Femoral Prosthesis

A Trans Femoral socket is custom made according to the shape and size of the residual limb and is the most important part of the prosthesis as it interacts with the residual limb to ensure comfort and function.

At Chin and Partners, we provide a 6 month guarantee on all our socket fits which means that we will insure that the custom made socket fits as securely and as comfortable as possible. This is essential as the residual limb generally varies in size especially for a primary (first time) prosthetic wearer. For the more experienced amputee this guarantee allows the individual the time and security to ensure the socket fits the way they know it should fit and feel. During this time there is no cost for any consultations or modification that we make to the socket and the client can come in as often as they need.

The prosthesis is suspended by various methods that would be discussed during the assessment consultation. The main suspension methods are vacuum or pin lock, both with a silicone liner. Weight bearing is distributed over the ischium (sitting bone) and the entire surface of the residual limb with contact but no weight bearing on the bottom of the residual limb.

c-leg, Above Knee AmputationThe prosthetic knee joint allows both flexion and extension and varies in function depending on which knee you and your prosthetist choose to use. Our prosthetists are experienced in using a wide range of knee joints and we are manufacturer certified to fit high end componentry including the X3, Genium, C-leg and Rheo Knee joint.

A variety of feet with varying properties can be used with this type of prosthesis and this will be selected by you and your prosthetist.